Project Title: EMC evaluated the Save the Children "Regional Children's Action for Participation (ReCAP)" projectfunded by EU in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan
Period: April 2012 - June 2012
Client Save the Children (USA)

EMC signed the contract with the Save the Children to evaluate European Union funded project "Regional Children's Action for Participation (ReCAP) project" in the South Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Since November 2010 Save the Children (SC) implemented "Regional Children's Action for Participation (ReCAP)" project in the South Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The project was funded by European Union and was completed in June 2012. Within the framework of ReCAP project, SC supported meaningful and quality children's participation that provided children a genuine opportunity to express their views, be involved in decisions, or take action.

EMC evaluation was conducted in three countries of Caucasus. Overall objective of the evaluation was to provide Save the Children and the EU with sufficient information to make an informed judgement about the past performance of the project, its efficiency, effectiveness and impact, to document lessons learned and to provide practical recommendations for follow-up questions.

The evaluation contained conclusions and recommendations at both strategic and operational levels to improve future projects by identifying the impacts of the project on targeted beneficiaries. Evaluation identified and documented key lessons learned from the ReCAP project to be used in other SC programs, in new impact areas or for advocacy purposes and any unintended/unplanned results.

The evaluation engaged Save the Children local NGO partners and other key stakeholders in looking at both qualitative and quantitative achievements in all three South Caucasus countries.


EMC Workshop in Frankfurt and Main, Germany

Project Cycle, Monitoring and Evaluation

On March 22, 2018 EMC is organizing one-day workshop in Frankfurt, Germany on the topic Project Cycle, Monitoring and Evaluation. EMC’s President Nino Saakashvili will conduct the workshop.Workshop will provide an overview of results-based management including result based project management, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) with an emphasis of tools and methods for successfully managing the projects and achieving its objectives. The workshop will cover fundamental concepts of project management, methods of project Monitoring & Evaluation, results measurement indicators and frameworks. Also, evaluation processes including evaluation planning, collecting and analyzing data, developing evaluation report and communicating results.