Project Title: Developing Strategic Plan for the Ministry of Health Care of Kyrgyz Republic under USAID Kyrgyzstan "Good Governance and Public Administration Strengthening (GGPAS) Program".
Period: November 2014 - December 2014
Client USAID/International Resources Group (IRG)-EnGility International, Washington DC, USA

In October 2014, USAID Kyrgyzstan invited the President of Evaluation and Management Consulting – Nino Saakashvili to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to lead the Organizational Assessment of Ministry of Health Care (MoH) of Kyrgyzstan and as a result of this process to help Ministry of Health Care (MoH) in developing its 3 years (2015-2017) Strategic Plan, One-year Action Plan (AP) for each departments, one year performance measurement plan (PMP) with the performance indicators. Besides the goal of the constancy was also developing training manuals for the Ministry of Health Care of Kyrgyzstan’s personnel on various management and organizational development issues. USAID Kyrgyzstan via IRG/Engility International funded the evaluation.

The Good Governance and Public Administration Strengthening (GGPAS) Program, funded by USAID, is supporting the Kyrgyz Republic’s efforts to promote a more stable and secure democracy, while improving governance and public administration at key government institutions. GGPAS is designed to be fast, flexible and responsive to a dynamic environment and in-country needs and priorities. It provides small grants to public and private sector institutions that demonstrate the capacity and the political will to implement high-impact short-term projects that meet the following objectives: (1) improve the institutional capacity of public and private sector institutions to provide services to citizens in a transparent and accountable way, and (2) encourage regional integration (across the country) through improved equitability of services and resources. Under this program, USAID’s implementing partner International Resources Group (IRG)/EnGility International, is providing and supporting an in-country management team that awards, implements, monitors, and evaluates grants under contract, as well as procures and distributes in-kind resources. The main project office is located in Bishkek and a satellite office is located in Osh.

Under this contract, Nino Saakashvili as an institutional capacity building expert, closely worked with the Ministry of Health Care (MOH) to improve the strategic planning and implementation capacity of the Ministry’s Central Office, including its sub departments. Saakashvili assisted the MOH to develop the three-year 2014- 2017 institutional strategic plan, including an associated Annual Work Plan and Monitoring and Evaluation Matrix with budgetary considerations. She also helped Ministry to institutionalize the implementation of the strategic objectives through the professional development of senior and middle managers of the Ministry’s central office.


EMC Workshop in Frankfurt and Main, Germany

Project Cycle, Monitoring and Evaluation

On March 22, 2018 EMC is organizing one-day workshop in Frankfurt, Germany on the topic Project Cycle, Monitoring and Evaluation. EMC’s President Nino Saakashvili will conduct the workshop.Workshop will provide an overview of results-based management including result based project management, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) with an emphasis of tools and methods for successfully managing the projects and achieving its objectives. The workshop will cover fundamental concepts of project management, methods of project Monitoring & Evaluation, results measurement indicators and frameworks. Also, evaluation processes including evaluation planning, collecting and analyzing data, developing evaluation report and communicating results.