Our Services

Evaluation and Management Consulting (EMC) offers the following types of services to Georgian and foreign public institutions, businss entities and non-profit organizations:

We Define and Provide Best Types of Services and Guarantee Transparent Process Definition for You

  • Consultancy
  • EMC provides professional and expert advice to other companies, organizations or individuals in particular areas. EMC consultants are experts and professionals in specific fields and have a wide knowledge of the subject matter. (read more)

  • Trainings
  • EMC sees trainings as the means for acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities through professional development. EMC designs Trainings about knowing where you stand at present, no matter how good or bad the current situation looks and where you will be after some point of time. (read more)

  • Workshop facilitation
  • EMC provides workshops to various companies and organizations for motivation, team-building and improving their performance. EMC helps your team gain the most from their knowledge and skills, and achieve agreed outcomes. (read more)

  • Seminar facilitation
  • EMC can provide seminar facilitation to various organizations, companies or groups of individuals that have the function of bringing together small groups for recurring meetings, focusing each time on some particular subject, in which everyone present is requested to actively participate. (read more)

  • Stakeholder meeting facilitation
  • EMC experts can provide stakeholder meetings to your companies and organizations. EMC sees the purpose of the Stakeholder meeting as a means to deliberate on the current situation in the field, to identify the key research areas and barrier to progress, and to consolidate these discussions and ideas into a strategy. (read more)

  • Community meeting facilitation
  • EMC provides community meeting facilitation. By bringing together a cross-section of viewpoints, a community meeting is the perfect setting to exchange ideas and information. In a community meeting, a variety of active participants are brought together, information and opinions are shared, resources and volunteers are identified, and goals and action plans are established. (read more)


EMC Workshop in Frankfurt and Main, Germany

Project Cycle, Monitoring and Evaluation

On March 22, 2018 EMC is organizing one-day workshop in Frankfurt, Germany on the topic Project Cycle, Monitoring and Evaluation. EMC’s President Nino Saakashvili will conduct the workshop.Workshop will provide an overview of results-based management including result based project management, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) with an emphasis of tools and methods for successfully managing the projects and achieving its objectives. The workshop will cover fundamental concepts of project management, methods of project Monitoring & Evaluation, results measurement indicators and frameworks. Also, evaluation processes including evaluation planning, collecting and analyzing data, developing evaluation report and communicating results.